All about the firm and stocks of NASDAQ AESE


What Happened in the Stock Market Today

A stock market is a place that deals with buying and selling of stocks. People often buy percentage equity of a firm for a lower amount of money, and later sell them for higher costs to benefit from it. NASDAQ stands for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations that works on paperwork to make deals in the stock market. Keeping security as their prime objective, they are a reliable space for the investors to go for buying and selling stocks. The NASDAQ: AESE at tells a person all about the stock details and news about the firm aese. It is a bliss for the investors who go for buying the stocks.


All about aese

Earlier known as Black Ridge Acquisition Corp., Allied Esports Entertainment, Inc. is an e-sports firm that renders its products and services. Providing for a transformative and manipulative experience, they have a chain of sports players and lovers connected globally. Rendering services through entertainment services of Allied Esports and the World Poker Tour (WPT), it aims to connect the players, streamers, and fans. Moving ahead with the love that people present them, they are moving gradually on the roads of success.


Stock details

Stock details are the essence of buying and selling of stocks. The stock details about NASDAQ: AESE are the following:

  • It has the highest price value estimate of 4.250 and a low price value estimate of 4.
  • It has an average stock price target of 4.125 and is currently trending far below it at 1.75.
  • It started well off at a constant rate over the years and saw its highest in 2019.
  • Declining and increasing at a constant rate, it has again started to improve.
  • It has all its stocks on a buy and has Internet services and Software & IT Services as the major investors.
  • They are currently moving high in profits by 6.02 percent or 0.1 of the current value it owns.
  • It has a high market capitalization of 51.36 Million and a high volume of about 921.07K.


The stock market keeps changing with time. It can change within months, weeks, days, hours, and even seconds. The stock market is an outline of what the firm is currently going through. Using reputable platforms like yahoo, NASDAQ, NYSE, and others to look for stock information is a must. These platforms offer the security of money during an investment and

reliability of the data. Looking at the past details of the firm makes an investor carefree about the investment. They provide for the best use of technology to invest the essential asset a person has in the right way – money! You can open a brokerage account for stock trading right now.


Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.