Commercialization of Sustainable Energy Source from Alkaline Fuel Cell Power


Did you know that electricity production is the number one source of greenhouse gases? Aside from that we also have transportation to account for. The toxic and harmful pollutants released into the atmosphere are compromising the environment and our lives. The problem with pollutants keeps on growing and the market continuously demands a sustainable energy source. To fill the market gap for a sustainable energy source, Alkaline Fuel Cell Power introduces new technology and is set for commercialization in the next few years.

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is an organization that is committed to researching, developing, and producing the next generation power units that come from a clean, green, and renewable energy source which is hydrogen. The power units that are set to be tested out soon are for the residential, industrial, and commercial markets. This new technology is called the micro-CHP (micro-combined heat and power) system based on alkaline fuel cell technology. The only byproduct of this micro-CHP system is water, thus no CO2 is ejected into the environment.

How did Alkaline Fuel Cell Power begin?

The research for the technology powered by hydrogen began at the Nuclear Research Institute in Belgium in the 1970s. Mr. Jef Spaepen, now the Founder and CEO of Alkaline Fuel Cell Power, took over all assets and continued the research and development. The commercialization of the new technology of Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is also planned and it is targeted to happen at the end of 2024.

As of the moment, they are applying for patents. New power units and testing will be done in 2022.