Considering Selling Your Gold Jewellery, You Must Read This First


According to recent reports, today’s generation sells gold jewellery like chains, rings, necklaces, waist belts, coins, bars, etc., to make money to showcase their lifestyle and fulfil their wants. Mostly, it is seen that the people are selling their gold jewellery because of the need for instant money.

Professionals say around 60% of people who go to the shops to get cash for gold in Delhi get defrauded. The rest of them don’t study the other aspects of gold while selling, like the prevailing price of gold jewellery, the exact value of gold, its quality (which karat of gold), and on what basis the shopkeeper should pay them, etc.

Moreover, we have mentioned the elements that one should keep in mind while selling gold jewellery.

Know Some Factors While Selling Gold Jewellery:

Know The Value Of Your Gold

The first thing you should know about your gold jewellery while selling gold in Delhi is its value. Most people do the acid test to evaluate the gold’s value, but now it’s an obsolete method. You can visit various gold finance companies like Muthoot, Manappuram, HDFC gold loan, etc., to know your gold jewellery’s exact value.

They will let you know the value of your gold jewellery without making any excessive deductions. It’s vital to know the value of your gold in advance so that at the time of selling, the gold buyer in Delhi cannot dupe you by taking several charges as it’ll reduce the value of your gold by 30-35%.

Check The Purity Of Gold Before Selling

The next thing one should do is check the gold’s purity before selling it to the shopkeeper.

The hallmark indication may be seen on almost all gold jewellery. If there are 916 hallmarks on your gold jewellery, it is 22-carat gold. This 916 indicates the purity of your gold, which is 91.6 grams of refined gold per 100 grams of alloy. You should also double-check the current gold market price because it’s volatile.

Moreover, consult a professional to get cash for gold in Delhi, as they’ll give you the best advice regarding when, where, and on what basis to sell the gold jewellery.

Find A Reputable Buyer

Lastly, people need to find a gold buyer in Delhi with a good status in this field. One who has utmost loyalty regarding his work so that he cannot fool you by telling inappropriate or saying the false value of the gold jewellery.

Though you should still know all the aspects of your gold jewellery, the buyer must give true information about the gold and shouldn’t make unnecessary deductions.

So, above are some factors mentioned while selling gold jewellery. However, one should not sell gold jewellery unless necessary. Somewhere, many sentimental values are linked to any stuff. And if you want to sell the gold jewellery, then determine all the elements of your gold jewellery.

We hope this article about considering selling your gold jewellery is helpful to you.