Product Sampling: A definite guide

The Definitive Guide to Product Sampling for Reviews - PowerReviews


Product sampling allows consumers to try a product before committing to a complete purchase under-sampling agency.

It could be through free samples and products or by allowing customers to claim a smaller version of a product at a reduced price under product sampling. Branda can launch product sampling campaigns separately or send samples out with customer orders.

Product sampling is suitable for industries where consumers physically interact with a product: for instance, the food and drink industry under the sampling agency.

Yet, although the principle of sampling remains the same, technology has evolved to make it easier than ever for brands and agencies to launch campaigns, in addition to offering extra benefits under product sampling.


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Importance of product sampling

  • Firstly, it encourages consumers to try something new by taking away the financial risk of spending money on a product and not liking it.
  • Customers will know they enjoy a product once they experience it for themselves, and the cost is often a significant barrier that stops them from trying it in the first place under product sampling. Free product samples remove that barrier, so more consumers try a product, driving full-size sales.
  • But it’s not just that customers experience something physically that increases conversions. Product sampling plays into the ‘reciprocity instinct’: the human urge to reward someone who does something positive for us.
  • When a brand gives someone a free product sample, the reciprocity instinct means they are compelled to ‘reward’ this action by buying the product from the brand under product sampling.
  • Product sampling, therefore, helps businesses drive sales and build brand awareness. But when campaigns are conducted digitally, they offer in-depth insight into consumer behaviors and preferences under the sampling agency.
  • Monitoring consumer interactions and collecting sample feedback helps better understand the tastes and needs of different demographics and shows them which aspects of a product and its marketing are successful and which are not under product sampling.

What are the perks of product sampling for your company?

Brand transparency is attractive to the customers:

The most fundamental component of product sampling is that customers will start trusting you. The sole fact that you are giving the product sample will enhance your likelihood of creating a solid customer base under product sampling.

Enhance sales:

The most obvious perk of brand activation is that it offers you the benefit of tremendously promoting your revenue and sales under the sampling agency.

Customer-product direct interaction:

Another immediate benefit of product sampling is that customers can directly communicate with the product, which may increase their chances of buying it under product sampling.

Why does product sampling work so well?

While you may think that the buzz of receiving a free product is the sole cause behind the success of product samples, think again. There are also psychological factors for why product sampling works so well.

When making consumer choices, we often prefer to purchase products familiar to us. We have tried and tested these products and go on to buy them repeatedly because we know they satisfy our needs.

Product sampling is, therefore, the perfect way to tempt a new customer. Another reason why product sampling works is that it makes a great impression on consumers.

By creating this unique experience, you’re encouraging the consumer to positively associate with your brand, which could lead to them buying your products in the future under product sampling.

Tips for a successful product sampling campaign

Know your target audience:

Like with any product, sample or not, you need to make sure that the target group of people you are aiming your marketing campaign at is the right audience under the sampling agency.

You don’t want to spend time and money on a sample campaign only to discover that you have targeted the wrong individuals.


You must know the best place to distribute your samples. Specific locations will mean that your product samples will reach a wider audience.

Whether it’s between the pages of a magazine, in stores distributed face to face by a team member, or at an end-of-aisle display, your distribution method is essential to get right.


The timing of your campaign is crucial as there may be critical dates and holidays that would emphasize your products’ aesthetic and boost their appeal to consumers under the sampling agency.

Suppose your product sample release is centered around a particular day or event. In that case, you should ensure that you have everything in place to distribute the product samples at the right time, or you may end up with many rebranded sample bottles, but the event has passed!

Follow up:

Product sampling must stand together as a marketing campaign. You’ll see less success if your brand goes silent after distributing your sample under the sampling agency.

It’s essential that your product samples are followed up by relevant advertising, messaging, and more to help boost your product sales and solidify your market presence under product sampling.

Market research:

It can be precious to review the results of product samples for future marketing campaigns. Use the campaign as an opportunity to reflect on what worked and what could be improved to ensure further success with your next product release under product sampling.