Safe Vehicle Shipping from South Carolina to Colorado


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Colorado is also known as the Centennial state since it was founded 100 years after its independence. It is the only state in the USA where the borders of four states, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah meets. It is very well-known for its forests, mountains, mesas, hot springs, and dunes.

If you are planning to move to Colorado, Ship A Car, Inc. can be the right choice for you. They ensure the safety of their customers with their ten years of experience and professional drivers. They don’t ask you for an upfront deposit. Whatever your vehicle type, small, large, or even unsized, you can rely on them for safe and on-time delivery.


The distance ranges from 1300 to 1600 miles from South Carolina to Colorado. The average cost for moving your vehicle can come approximately around $2000 to $3000 depending on the distance to be covered. The cost also can vary depending on the season you are moving. If there is a greater demand or worst season, the rates could be higher.

To get the best prices and avoid unavailability, make sure that you book with a nationwide transport company as earlier as possible.


Once you book with your transport company and complete the needed procedures with them, they will send you their professional drivers to your preferred location for vehicle pick up. They will keep you informed of all the updates until the delivery is done to you. It will take around 3 to 5 days for a nationwide transport company to ship your vehicle to the location.

Different Options for Shipping

Vehicle transporting companies offer two options for moving your vehicles from South Carolina to Colorado. Open auto transport enclosed auto transport, and if you want it to be delivered in an emergency, some companies also provide expedited shipping options too but a more costly option.

Open transport will cost you less since the vehicles are moved to open trailers. However, this method is not safe for your vehicle and there is a danger of weather, dust, and other elements.

On the other hand, enclosed transport provides a secure place for your vehicle, but it may cost a bit more expensive than open shipment.

Prepare Your Car

Once you have finalized your shipping company and method of shipping, the next step is to prepare your car for the same. Every nationwide vehicle shipping company has got their own rules and regulations to be fulfilled before the shipment.

Have a routine car service to ensure it is in good condition. The professionals will also check for the battery, tire conditions, and such.

Take photographs of your car for any dings, dents, and scratches. Take interior photos too. If you are choosing the open carrier shipment, there are chances of vehicles being damaged. Documenting these photographs before the shipment process will help you claim if any damages are done to your vehicle.

Remove your valuable possessions and documents from your car since shipping companies do not provide insurance for your belongings inside the car.

Make sure there is not more than a quarter tank of gas.

Have one pair of extra keys with you which will be useful in case the key is lost during the shipment.