Why to choose 1911 holster owb?


When you have a concealed carry of this iconic American handgun, the most important thing is to choose the correct holster for it. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at how to choose the finest 1911 holster owb What qualities it should have, and which 1911 holsters are the greatest.

The power of the 1911 pistol is incredible and the design is just what a man wants in a gun and the outside of the waistband is perfect.

Some of the best-known holster-

1.Cytac 1911 Holster

The cheapest paddle is designed to be adjustable for OWB. Although the paddle system is attached to your belt, it allows for some carry adjustability.

Because this manufacturer understands that many people choose the 1911 because they adore the pistol, they designed a passive retention mechanism with the trigger guard as the only point of contact. The polymer substance protects the gun from wear in this method.

A fast button and an active retention mechanism are also included in the holster, which instantly holds the 1911 when it is holstered. Although active retention slows draw speed, CYTAC mitigates this with its simple release button.

An Allen wrench can be used to modify the cant for a better carry preference. In addition to the holster, you will also receive a soft cloth to clean the pistol, and the holster is in perfect shape. If you want to carry it concealed, the slim material should make it possible.

2.Right hand owb holster

Although the holster only uses passive retention, the leather is designed to accommodate 1911s with no rails and muzzles of 4 inches or longer snugly. The OWB’s leather texture and belt loops allow it to fit snugly and gently on your body all day.

When it comes to materials, Gunleather has a solid reputation for producing high-quality leather and craftsmanship. For maximum draw speed, the gun holster has an airtight lid. Left-handed people should go elsewhere because it is only for right-handed people.

This holster is very similar to a conventional leather holster, with the exception of the additional magazine bag. You can get a place to keep some extra ammo for a little more money. If you find yourself in that situation, what will you do?

It has great craftsmanship and high-quality leather, just like the other Gun leather holsters. This leather is quite durable and will last for many years.

The inactive retention may not provide much protection against holster grabs, but it lets you draw swiftly and readily. It’s hand-molded to suit 1911s with rails that are 6 and 7 inches long.

Gun leather trimmed down the material, even with the additional ammo bag, to make it more concealable. This holster is still very attractive, but it is only available in four colours: black and brown, classic brown, signature brown and many more. The best option is too buy the genuine leather holster for your 1911 pistol. If you want to carry it concealed, the slim material should make it possible.