Everything you need to know about Online Stocks


Nowadays, trading stocks has become as easy as shopping online. Investors can do online trading sitting in a coffee shop using a smartphone. All you need is a good internet connection.

What is online trading?

Share trading is buying or selling the shares of a company listed on the stock exchange to make a profit. Online Stocks trading is selling or buying stocks through an online platform. There are several apps available for online stock trading. Fortunately, all the paperwork comes with one click. Brokers have gone online, with their platforms providing all the financial instruments like stocks, commodities, bonds, etc.

How to trade online?

To begin with, you need to open an online trading account with an online broking firm. Make sure the broker you choose is a registered member of all the stock exchanges and is certified by the SEBI.

  • Learn all the stock market basics -To learn to trade, you have to make sure you are gaining more knowledge about the share market investments. You can start by taking some courses on investing, listening to podcasts, keeping a check on financial news and websites.
  • Practice with an online stock simulator – Online stock simulators are a great way to learn how stock works. Since it’s a simulator, the losses won’t affect you and you can learn a trade without any fear.
  • Draft a plan – Making an investment strategy is important. You have to decide how much you are willing to invest and how many losses you can bear before investing in any company.

Why trade shares?

For trading shares, you have to understand the underlying reasons for the movement of stocks and the stock market. In trading, shares return investments for a short duration of time.

Share trading also gives you ownership of the company. You can search for the next good purchase by doing fundamental and technical analyses.

Is online trading risky?

The share price depends on the demand and supply of the shares. There can be sudden price drops when there is adverse news about the company. If the market updates are not followed closely, then it can turn out to be risky.

Offline vs. online trading

The impact of online trading has a more noticeable impact than offline because of the evolution of computers and the internet in the past few years. Online trading has advantages that are difficult to achieve offline.

The price of stocks and financial products has been reduced through online trading because it reduces the cost of the middleman, which decreases the extra added price of the commissions on these products.

Online trading is much faster as compared to offline. It is easy to find the prices of securities because the information is flowing electronically. Receiving updates in the form of price alerts makes it convenient to transact shares.


Online trading or online stocks are electronic tradings with the help of the internet and computer networks. You can choose a trading platform and start placing trade orders. Online trading is much more convenient than offline trading and the reasons are stated above.