How You Can Clean Your Industrial Roller-shutter Doors


While many businesses rely on roller-shutter doors to ensure flawless security for their commercial spaces, these gates are subject to wear and tear because of the exposure to general usage. Your steel curtains can get significant damage or stop functioning well because of dirt and dust build-up on them. Eventually, it can cause detraction from your business image by disrupting the smooth operation of the roller shutter doors.

Besides self-cleaning and upkeep of these doors, you can also look for a reputable industrial door service to ensure routine maintenance, repairs, and servicing. Keeping these steel-made curtains clean adds an attractive appeal to your commercial premises. It also helps you ensure reliable, smooth, and consistent functionality & operation of your doors.

Keeping commercial steel-made curtains cleaned is not hard to do. You can use a soft-bristled brush to sweep away debris from the door surface when they are half-open. It will also be handy in clearing out the ventilation holes. Make sure to keep moderate water pressure when using pressure cleaning for hose shutters down.

It is imperative to clean your commercial roller-shutter doors thrice a year to allow them to work in excellent working conditions. Cleaning these doors must not include the use of abrasive cleaners, steel wool, scrubbing brushes, and scrapers because they are likely to damage the roller shutter’s surface. You may also want to lubricant the bearing annually to ensure the smooth operation of the rolling mechanism. It is vital to grease the guide rails of these steel curtains every year for non-stop ease of opening and closing them.

Although industrial roller-shutter doors are durable and sturdy, they require a little care and maintenance to keep performing as they should. Get in touch with professional teams at to ensure the maximum lifespan of your industrial roller shutter doors.