Learning notebook magnetic closure Is Not Difficult At All! You Need A Great Teacher


The first thing you need to do is make sure that the staples or the binder, or whatever goes through the paper holes, are all together. Then when you open your Notebook, you need to take off the first front cover, which is the one that has the four holes. That’s the best way that I know of to do it.

You’ll need some glue, and you’ll have to put a little bit on one side of your paper, slide in the form and then put a tiny dot of glue down on the other side and close it up. Then turn around, open up your Notebook, and find someplace where there are no holes. You can stick your Notebook closed with notebook magnetic closure on it, then use a small piece of tape to secure it all nice and tightly.

Put another magnet on the other side of the page from where your original magnet was and make sure that these two magnets form a slight oval shape. Now take your first magnetic and move it around until it’s touching as much as possible within this shape area.

Feature of notebook magnetic closure:

  1. Magnetic Closure that keeps your Notebook closed or opened.
  1. Flexible use, can be used in Pocket, Handbag, Backpack and so on anywhere.
  1. The magnetic cover makes it quickly snap on the Notebook without any marks or damage on the notebook cover when you close it.
  1. Inside cover can be used as a bookmark, which means you don’t have to worry about losing your page anymore.
  1. The surface is made of eco-friendly material; many kinds of notebook covers are available for your choice.
  1. It’s easy to use; insert the two magnets into the book cover’s all holes and close it up.

Common Myths About notebook magnetic closure

  1. Magnetic closure can damage the book cover.
  1. The magnetic force of one magnet is not strong enough to hold two attractions simultaneously.
  1. Magnetic closure cannot fix the problem of the page spread open while reading a book.
  1. Magnetic closure is expensive.
  1. Magnetic closure can be applied to any book and journal. Also, it is only available for leather notebook covers, not for paperback or paper covers which students and business people more commonly use.
  1. Some people think a magnetic notebook needs NFC, Bluetooth, and other electronic parts!

Five Reasons Why People like Notebook Magnetic closure

  1. It is practical and perfect for a book to keep your book closed.
  1. The notebook cover can be moistened with water to ensure that the Notebook can be kept at even humidity.
  1. It ensures you get the best reading experience of your life with the closeness of pages held together by a magnetic force so that there is no need to think about which page one is supposed to be looking at.
  1. Your book will permanently be closed tight every time you open it up, making working on it as easy as pie.
  1. People love the experience of working in their magnetic closure notebooks because they have a great feeling when they have two magnets working against each other inside their Notebook!