Things to know before hiring a maid


As you work hard to balance your busy schedules, you might consider hiring a domestic helper to help you cope. At 外傭, thechances are that you will get the right helper for yourself.

The following are the considerations to take when hiring a domestic helper:

What do you want?

You might be looking for a helper who will be able to assist you in virtually everything. But with such a broad approach, you could end up with a hiring process that is unfocussed. Before you start the interview process, you have to list your key priorities and the task you wish your maid to help you with.  

A maid with experience in elderly or child care might be the right fit for a family with senior citizens and kids. If you want to get a helper who will assist with homework for the children, you have to get one with a passion for teaching. 

Other factors to consider to include checking out if your diet will accommodate the religion and beliefs of your helper, depending on what she will be handling when preparing food.  Such a question on what you want will help you in creating a profile of the right helper who can be able to match your household and thus, making you hire correctly.

Does your family agree in you bringing onboard a maid?

It is a crucial step to consider. You have to remember that the maid will be a stranger in the house, and it will be a big deal and will take some time for some family members to get used to it.  That is why some family members might not handle it well, which might then lead to conflicts. 

Before you begin hiring, you must explain how things will change in the home and be specific and clear. You have to take your time to answer all the questions that you are being asked and make sure that everyone is comfortable with the idea of a maid in the home.

Conclude by coming up with rules regarding the way everyone is going to respond in certain situations. One of the things you have to think about is how family members will have to communicate if they are not happy with how the helper is conducting themselves. 

Are you going to afford it?

When you hire a helper, it comes with some expenses which are beyond their monthly salary. The expenses include:

  • Levy on monthly for foreign domestic worker
  • Agency fee for the domestic worker
  • Insurance fee and work permit application
  • Security bond
  • Fee for settling in the program – SIP
  • Traveling expenses

You will need to budget wisely and find out if you can afford all those mentioned above. You also have to check and find out if you qualify for concessions. You are eligible if you have kids below 16 years or someone in the household is over 65 years or someone with a disability lives.