Top SEO trends Fintech Companies Need To Know About In 2023

What Are the New SEO Trends for 2023? Solution Suggest

Like many other things in digital marketing, the search engine optimization (SEO) field is constantly changing. According to Fintech Marketing Agency experts, keeping up with the top SEO trends is essential because it plays a crucial role in marketing success, from content development and brand recognition to lead creation and nurturing.

The SEO specialists at Voxturr have outlined the top 10 trends in SEO that FinTech marketers should be aware of. These trends cover everything from search engine algorithms and content evaluation standards to tools and methods that can help you generate high-quality leads for your website.

Why is SEO more important than ever for FinTech and Financial Services companies?

Events, word-of-mouth, and affiliate marketing have historically been the primary lead-generation strategies Fintech Marketing agencies use for FinTech and Financial Services companies. However, as per the growth marketing agency experts, digital lead generation is essential for long-term success in a market that is becoming more competitive, in a changing landscape, and in a post-pandemic environment. Organic leads are crucial if you have limited means for paid advertising. If your website is well-structured, it can generate leads and perform many nurturing tasks.

6 SEO trends FinTechs need to know

Let’s now explore the most recent search engine optimization developments that are altering the marketing landscape. The top 6 SEO trends that FinTech organizations should be aware of to attract, develop, and convert organic, high-quality leads are listed below.

1. Prioritising targeted, data-driven content

The fundamental idea behind great content is connecting with your target audience’s demands, pain areas, and objectives. Every piece of content you create or develop needs to have a clear goal, target the search intent of your personas, and be supported by research and analysis. If you’re familiar with inbound marketing or other customer-centric content marketing tactics, you’ll know this. Additionally, inbound marketing and SEO work together. Only a data-driven approach by any Fintech marketing agency can produce the desired results for your Marketing and Sales teams.

2. Think more significant than just keywords

As previously stated by fintech market agency experts, marketers must focus on producing high-quality, well-organized, and helpful content; basic keyword optimization is insufficient. Consumers and search engines want context and clear pathways to the appropriate content to match search intent. Consider the big picture when creating material, and keep relevancy and purpose in mind. Don’t, however, start to believe that keywords are no longer significant. They do! Your material’s quality, structure, and readability are equally crucial to thorough keyword research and advanced optimization.

3. AI and algorithms

Search engine algorithms are continually changing, primarily with personalization in mind, just like social media networks. It requires marketers to modify their content to consider a more significant number of question-based and conversational search queries. For that, you can opt for a Fintech marketing agency like Voxturr. Top SEO trends are also influenced by AI and smart gadgets, as voice search and predictive technology are altering how search engines provide results.

4. Answering complex queries

Search inquiries frequently require thorough responses, especially in sectors like financial services, where complex ideas are present. More than a brief explanation or helpful hints will likely be required. You must be ready to produce material that addresses challenging issues.

There are numerous approaches to this, including:

  • Composing a series of articles that address the numerous facets of a complex subject
  • Creating a thorough piece of long-form material that addresses essential questions and subtopics and is supported by reliable sources and links to additional information
  • Create a knowledge base or FAQs that address the most typical and complicated questions

5. Incorporating E-A-T considerations

No, “EAT” is not related to eating. It represents knowledge, authority, and dependability. Beyond the content’s structure and purpose, these are the main criteria that Google’s content assessors use to evaluate content. This one is likely the most significant among the top SEO trends, especially for FinTech and Financial Services marketers. Financial content and so-called YMYL (your money, your life) pages come under extra scrutiny from Google because the information on these pages can significantly impact how people make financial decisions.

6. Pillar pages and topic clusters

Pillar pages have recently been a popular trend in inbound marketing tactics. As they connect various pieces of content, support internal linking, and generate leads for your website over a wide net of related keywords, these long-form content pieces can serve as the cornerstone of your SEO content strategies.

Pillar pages are informational centers built around a crucial topic for your company. Additionally, topic clusters expand on the central theme by addressing various issues, using long-tail keywords derived from the page’s primary, more general keyword to link to supplementary materials.

The goal is to produce in-depth insights and demonstrate thought leadership in a field closely related to your line of business. Depending on where a lead is in the buyer’s journey, pillar pages offer opportunities for leaders to click through to learn more about the subtopics discussed on the page. It enhances keyword ranking and builds authority.

Final Words

These top SEO trends should have provided you with some food for thought and useful information you can use to improve your company website, content strategy, and marketing initiatives. Having your finger on the pulse and being knowledgeable about the most recent trends, changes, and strategies is one thing; being able to put them into practice is quite another. The fintech Marketing Agency expert can assist you if you need knowledgeable search engine optimization specialists. You can check out the SEO offerings from Voxturr for FSI companies. Voxturr is a top FinTech marketing agency that offers cutting-edge FinTech solutions to assist you in achieving guaranteed growth within the allotted time. We support every FinTech & Finance company in developing and implementing their growth strategies.