Types Of Mommy Makeover Miami Surgeries That Could Be Recommended


Part of the Mommy makeover Miami procedure that women have to do is a breast lift. This is a kind of operation that address deflation or sagging of the breast after the said woman has given birth. This method of surgery concentrates on breast ptosis with emphasis on the following;

  1. Tightening and securing tissues of the breast.
  2. Elimination of extra skin at the breasts. This way, rather than getting deflated, the breasts would get elevated or lifted up. 
  3. Reposition or reorientation of the nipple-areola complex of the breasts

Mommy makeover Miami procedure also involves increasing the fullness of the breasts. This entails adding to the volume of the breasts so that they become bigger than before. So, rather than continuing to dangle, the Mommy makeover Miami breast augmentation procedure will let the breasts be fuller than the small natural sizes they were before. 

Another surgery that could be recommended when you, a nursing mother, go for a Mommy makeover Miami consultation is the Tummy Tuck procedure or surgical assistance. This plastic surgery focuses on the abdomen and its contours which would have added more fat when you conceived and after giving birth.  What this type of Mommy makeover Miami surgery would do is to; 

  1. Remove or eliminate those pockets or deposits of fat at the abdomen’s contours. 
  2. Work on diastasis recti and many muscles in the abdomen. The muscles may have to be repaired sometimes. 
  3. Remove or trim the excess skin in the abdomen. 
  4. Repositioning of the belly button. 
  5. Eventual tightening of the abdominal muscles. 

Liposuction is also part of Mommy makeover Miami procedures that could be recommended to women that come for post-natal plastic surgery. This is a process of removing those fat deposits that would not yield or get removed when the affected mother has been exercising rigorously or being on a diet.  Mommy makeover Miami liposuction procedures would take out excess fats from these parts of the body;

  1. Hips.
  2. Abdomen.
  3. Thighs.
  4. Backs.
  5. Below the neck.
  6. Arms.
  7. Flanks or sides. 

What is basically peculiar with this Mommy makeover Miami liposuction procedure is that some mild or gentle drawing is applied on any of the parts of the body above that is being focused on. The liposuction procedure would generally remove fat and make the parts of the body of the mother return back to their thin, firm, and slender state after procreation.

Just like many other surgical operations, there are likely to be some inconveniences that may occur after you have carried out your Mommy makeover Miami procedure. Those parts that were worked on may redden or swell up. You could notice soreness coming up at those incision places. 

If you have not left the facility where the operation is carried out, you may be given the compression garment or have these incision sites dressed. This would prevent the soreness from widening, and the swelling of the parts would reduce. You would also need a compression garment to help evenly circulate blood around the body. This would make you more comfortable after the surgery.The first week a woman has her Mommy makeover Miami surgery would be the most painful and discomforting experience after the operation.