Before you start asbestos survey London you need to know the proper method to sample asbestos and all the instructions so that you don’t get yourself in trouble. 

The asbestos sampling kit includes,

  1. One disposable coverall
  2. One disposable pair of gloves 
  3. One disposable mask
  4. One black polythene sheet
  5. Bagged cleaning wipes
  6. One red asbestos waste bag
  7. One clear asbestos waste bag 
  8. Sample bags
  9. One return envelope 
  10. Mist sprayer
  11. Stanley knife
  12. Test pot of paint 
  13. Gaffer tape to seal the waste disposal bag 


If you want to do it on your own remember that it is pretty risky. First of all, you need to find the sampling area. Then remove all the furniture present in that area. If there are pets or children around that area, then make them leave as well. First of all, wear your Hazmat suit. Put on your gloves and mask. After wearing the mask wear your hood making sure that all of your hair is covered. Then place a black polythene sheet below the area where you are about start testing. The sheet will collect all the particles falling from the testing area. 

Then, fill out the label on the outer sample bag and write about the room you are testing in, the floor, the house, and the material to be sampled. Then wet the material to be sampled by spraying some mist to suppress the dust that might release in the air during the testing process. Make sure you sample all layers of the material. Then take the material sample on your knife or chisel and then use the wet wipes to remove it. 

Then put the wipe containing the sample into the first seal of the small bag and then place it into the second bag. Always put all the small sample bags in the big bag. After that check, the information about the client, name, address, and date are on the white panel of the bag. 

If the site of the sample location is different from the delivery address, please add this to marking clearly which is which. Then place the sample bag in the envelope and send that sample for analysis. 

In the end, use the wet wipes to thoroughly clean all the sampling equipment. And then place the contaminated waste in the red asbestos waste bag. Then stand on the black polythene sheet and start wiping your Hazmat suit and mask with the wet wipes. After that fold, the plastic sheet places on the floor carefully and put that in the red asbestos waste bag as well.

Remember do not use the vacuum cleaner to clean the remaining dust or debris. Then start removing the hazmat suit by rolling it off then remove your gloves. Then remove the mask and put it all on the red asbestos waste bag. 

This is the simplest procedure for asbestos sampling. There was no explanation of any intrusive or destructive ways of sampling because this sampling is called basic management sampling just like the management surveys. After this sampling, you hand over your samples to a trust and verified laboratory and then the reports tell you what sort of asbestos is present in your building and according to that, you can then seek professional help.